Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's MY Day..."Magnificent You!"

I love traditions!  
I believe they're the one thing that really keeps a family together.  
Knowing that no matter how busy life gets, or where everyone's at, there are certain times of the year that we can always count on being together.  
There's the obvious ones of course
....Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving.....
but there's also others that we can look forward to each month.  
Though they may be "smaller" they can have just as much meaning.  
Each tradition has it's own purpose.  
The one I want to share with you today will be different for each one of us,
because we're each very unique individuals
with very different needs and interests.  
I'm talking about "MY" Day.   
For me, it happens to fall on the 24th of each month....my birth date.  
Yours will be on the day that you were born.  
With the busy lives that we all lead and all the different hats we wear each day....cook, maid, chauffeur, teacher, domestic engineer, interior decorator, (just to name a few).....it can be very easy to let ourselves become lost in the shuffle.  
YOU matter.
....YOU keep the family going.....
and it's important to remember that.  
Out of the 365 days of the year that you're serving everyone else, it only makes sense that you can take 12 of those days....once a month....and focus on something that truly makes YOU happy.  
It can be anything 
that creates that little spark in you....
that makes you feel alive and worthwhile, 
because you are.  

What's something that you love to do
but haven't for awhile?  

"MY" Day is the day to do it!  

  • Go see a movie you've been wanting to see
  • Buy a book you've been wanting to read....or check one out at the library - curl up with your favorite blanket & a hot drink and catch up on some reading
  • Relax in a bubble bath with candles and you're favorite music
  • Get a manicure or pedicure....beauty schools are a great place to get them for a good price - or you can do them yourself
  • Buy your favorite candy bar
  • Get a facial - beauty schools are great for this too, or you can give yourself one
  • Work on a craft you've been putting off
  • Arrange some flowers, light some candles and have your favorite meal for dinner....just because you're YOU
  • Dress to the hilt....even if you're not going anywhere.  Wear your favorite perfume, jewelry, etc....the things that make you feel special....because YOU ARE
  • Buy that make-up you've been wanting to get....or go to one of the make-up counters in the mall that offer FREE make-overs
The day is YOURS....the possibilities are endless!  
What will YOU do on YOUR day?

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