Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"What's New" Wednesday....Ikea!

So, I think I'm the only person in the world that has never been to Ikea.  My kids have told me many times how cool it is, and all about the "Swedish Meatballs" that I'm missing out on!  
(Funny, I always thought it was a furniture store!)  
Since it's "What's New" Wednesday today, I figured it was the perfect time to go check it out.  I grabbed my two kids and away we went.  As we were pulling out of the driveway, I got a text from my sister, Jen....(the other half of this blog.)  When I told her where we were going, I immediately got a text back saying, 
"Ahhhh!  I want to go there!"  So, the 5 of us met up at Ikea.  
She had her little girl "Miss J" with her.  
I figured that would be the ultimate test of a "family-friendly" place!  It didn't disappoint!  
As soon as you walk in, they have a huge supervised play area just for kids.  You can drop them off while you shop or take them with you....they even have strollers! There were several "kids stations" set up around the store too.  One area had a movie playing, with little benches the kids could sit on while they watched it.  (I think "Kung Fu Panda was playing tonight.)  Another area had a game that they could spin to change the head or body of the fish or people.  "Miss J" loved that!  

While Jen, Tony & I got lost in Ikea, Ashley took "Miss J" to the kids section.  She had a blast!  She kept telling Ashley, "Go see next room!"  This wasn't even the children's play area she was talking about....they were just in the section of the store that sells all kinds of items for kid's rooms!  (Kids were literally crying when their parents tried to get them to go to another area of the store!)  Everything was so "hands on" and "kid-friendly" that she really believed it was just a bunch of different play rooms set up for her entertainment!

Toy, toys and MORE toys!

Fully equipped kitchens....

Basically, their own little play house!

....even a miniature door to go from room to room!

A bedroom filled with everything a girl could ever want! was pretty hard to get her to leave too!  (We had to bribe her with the "treats" that they have downstairs!)  On the way there, she passed a bunk bed in another section of the store and couldn't resist it!

(Guess all of that playing wore her out!)

I could relate.  By this time, about 3 hours had gone by!  We would have loved to stay longer, but my feet were about to fall off....literally!  (They hadn't hurt that much since our trip to Disneyland....
when we walked around non-stop from morning 'til night!)  
It was worth it though.  We'll definitely be going back to Ikea!  So much to see....and it even holds the attention of a 2 year old for several hours!  
(Now, that's impressive!)  
The only thing I'd change?  
Wear different shoes next time.

Ikea & heels don't mix!  
(But hey, they're cute...)

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