Monday, January 23, 2012

"Make A Craft" Monday - Routine/Job Chart

Some days being a stay-at-home mom and raising a toddler can seem unrewarding and mundane. I am a routine kind of a girl and I am pretty sure I have passed that trait onto my 2 year old! I have been thinking lately about how I can make our days more rewarding and exciting but at the same time completing the tasks that need to be done each day! My little girl is at the age where she loves to help with cooking, dishes and laundry. So, I decided today I was going to make a Routine/Job Chart! She loves surprises and I figure it's best to reward her for the good things she is doing! is my plan!
I made this simple chart with images from clip-art. 

Click here to print one for FREE!

When I showed her the chart her face lit up! I went through each picture with her and she happily said, "I will help you!" She is one of the world's greatest helpers & I hope to continue to keep it that way! :) As I have been typing this short paragraph she has already helped her daddy do the dishes and is currently brushing her teeth! We are on a roll!!! As she completes each task she gets to pick a sticker to put over the completed picture. Each night if the row is complete she will be able to pick a prize from a basket. Prizes include a new book to read at bed time, a small treat, small toys, quarters for her piggy bank (one of her favorites), etc. Once a whole sheet is finished we will do a fun, new activity or get a litte bit bigger prize at the store!
Right after I made the job chart, I checked my email for the day & surprisingly I had an email titled, "Mother's Little Helper".  I immediately opened it to see what they had to say about this subject that was on my mind! Here's what they said:

"Yes, it sounds counterintuitive, but the same toddler who gleefully dumps a huge box of blocks all over the kitchen floor or unfurls five yards of toilet paper into the tub will also happily sweep the porch with a mini broom or water all your outdoor plants. Since kids this age love to imitate you, now's the time to get your (toddler) in the helping habit.....try some of these on for size!
  • In the kitchen:  Shredding lettuce, tossing salad, washing produce or unbreakable dishes, setting and clearing kid-safe stuff from the table, unpacking some groceries, shaping meatballs or dough (wash hands thoroughly before and after), mixing batter.
  • Around the house:  Dusting, wiping surfaces with a damp cloth, sweeping with a kid-sized broom or dustpan, sorting laundry (darks versus lights), unloading the clothes dryer (make sure the laundry isn't too hot), putting away toys, shelving books.
  • In the yard:  Weeding (with lots of help and supervision), watering plants, raking leaves with a small rake, digging holes for bulbs or seeds."
 So far today we have completed half of a row! After eating lunch she put her sticker on and she was ready for dinner since she had already helped her daddy with the dishes before lunch! Ha! Among all of this "work" we have still remembered to have fun! And that's what's most important!

If you have older kids, here's a job chart with words that you can print for FREE!
What chores are your "little (or big) helpers" doing with you today?!

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