Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"Tradition" Tuesday...Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!! 
 Traditions have always been very important in our family 
since the time we were young. We were taught by our parents and hope to instill in our kids how important traditions are. I really do believe they're the "glue" that holds the family together.

Here's our Top 5 picks for Valentine's Day traditions that can 
make lasting memories year after year...

1.  Update pictures in a family photo frame every Valentine's Day.

2. Have a party! Invite friends and family over each year to celebrate. Do it on a day other than Valentine's...maybe the Friday or Saturday before, so that the "couples" can still celebrate the day how they would like to.

Source: hwtm.com via Kim on Pinterest

3. Start the day with a "Special Valentine's Day Breakfast" that everyone can count on year after year. You can make it as simple or elaborate as your family likes. As long as the food is heart shaped, they'll love it!

4. Decorate the house together each year. I like to have everything up and ready to go by January 31st, that way the Valentine's Countdown can begin on February 1st. I love countdowns! To me, the weeks leading up to the holiday are sometimes the most fun! Activities, art projects, special treats, acts of love...that's what makes the holiday so memorable. The more activities you can fit in each year, the more memories are made. Take advantage of every day leading up to Valentine's!

Source: tipjunkie.com via Kim on Pinterest

5. And finally....a special Valentine's Day dessert! There are SO many to choose from! Again, keep them as simple or elaborate as you like. The fun comes in knowing that they can always count on something sweet, heart-shaped and delicious on Valentine's Day!

Which of these traditions do you do in your family? 
 Please share new ideas too!

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  1. We made cupcakes. I also made homemade heart soap.

  2. That sounds like fun, Alissa! Is the soap pretty easy to make? I'll have to try it. :)