Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Time to..." Thursday: Dust Ceiling Fans!

Yep, it was definitely time to dust those ceiling fans today!  Doesn't seem that difficult, right?  Well, it's something I tend to put off...
not because it's hard...just more of a hassle! 
You see, we've got two ceiling fans in our home, but they both happen to be in the only two rooms of the house with vaulted ceilings.  So, picture me standing 6 feet below those darn fans, with an extension on the swiffer, playing hit and miss with the fan as it decides to turn just at the moment I try to "dust"
...more like swat...the darn thing! 
Oh, and we can't forget the game of "dodge the dust balls" we play as it suddenly starts to "rain" from the fan. Finally, when it's looking all shiny and new again, you would think I'd be done. 
Oh no...the fun is just beginning. 
 Yes, the fan may be clean, but now I've got a lovely layer of dust all over the carpet that I get to vacuum up! 

 There had to be an easier way. 

I came across this "brilliant" idea of dusting ceiling fans with a pillowcase and decided to try it out. But, we still had one big obstacle to overcome....I'm not 12 feet tall...and a pillowcase on the end of an extended swiffer just wasn't going to do the trick. 
So, that meant yours truly was going to have to break down and use the ladder! This very likely could have been the second time EVER that I've been on one of those things. (There's a distant memory of one other possible time, but apparently I've blocked it out.)  But, I was determined to conquer those dust bunnies...
so....out came the ladder! 
As I was figuring out how to set it up, our Husky perched herself on the floor below me and gave me a look that said all too clearly, "Oh, this is going to be good!"  (Ya, Mama doesn't do heights!) 
I think it took more time to get up on that ladder 
and convince myself that I wasn't going to fall, 
than it actually did to dust the whole ceiling fan! 

But...the verdict is in! 

 The pillowcase technique works GREAT!  
It took under five minutes to complete the whole job 
and there were only a few stray "dust balls" that managed 
to find their way to the vacuuming needed! 
So, if you have any ceiling fans in your house 
that are calling your name today, give it a try! 

It's "Time to....Thursday!" 
 What is it time for you to do today?
 "Shout it out" in the comments below....we'll be cheering you on!

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  1. Such a cool idea. My fan my actually get dusted now. Thanks so much for sharing this great tip. and thanks so much for linking up and sharing on Blissful & Domestic.

  2. No problem! The pillowcase definitely makes it a whole lot easier. :)