Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Time to..." Thursday!

Ohhhh, boy!  It was definitely time to do something.....


Anybody else have a bathroom cabinet that has become a "free-for-all?!"  It looks like it was organized at one point, maybe....apparently it's been too long....can't remember!  Anyway, this was the challenge I gave myself today:  Get that dang thing organized!  I'm embarrassed to say I found about 5 first aid kits...some about 10 years old!  Yep, most of the stuff was expired.  (Good thing we didn't need it!)  So now, it's all consolidated into 1 organized kit....'bout time!  I got all of my husband's shaving and shoe polishing stuff out of there and organized it in his bathroom cabinet too....bonus!  I also discovered I had about 10-15 bottles of lotion!  Yep, those got cleared out too.  I put the ones I wanted to keep in a basket on top of the counter...much easier to find!  After I cleared out a whole plastic bag full of stuff for the garbage, I realized I had only filled about 1/3 of the cabinet!  So, I figured my husband would probably like a little more room in his bathroom cabinet too.  I took all of the hair products and some odds and ends that belonged with the new first aid kit and moved them to my bathroom cabinet.  
Needless to say, I'm pretty happy with the end results....

(Hard to believe it's even the same cabinet!)

What did you get done today?  
(Go ahead, brag deserve it!)

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