Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"What's New" Wednesday!

Today is "What's New" Wednesday!  That's the day we go check out a place that we've never been to before and let you know all about it!  So....I've been hearing a lot about the Orem Library.  They are always advertising all kinds of free concerts, plays, etc.  At a library?  Really?  Needless to say, I haven't paid too much attention to it.  Then I remembered today was the day to try something new!  I persuaded my 21 year old son to go check it out with me.  (I knew he'd tell me straight up if it was worth recommending!)  Well....the verdict is in....we LOVED it!  (It's definitely not your typical library.)  I spoke with the guy that is in charge of all the events.  He showed me all around and gave me the inside scoop.  They can seat 200 people comfortably in the main area, but they have had a whole lot more than that show up at times! (They're actually building a new center at the library where all of the events will be held.)  It's a pretty popular place, apparently!  They have a media room downstairs, where screenings of free movies are held regularly.  (It projects onto the entire wall!)  There's also a really cool area for story time, with a BEAUTIFUL puppet theater!  Our favorite part was the HUGE stained glass window that covered the entire wall in the back of the library!  It had almost every fairy-tale in it that you could imagine....kind of like a collage.  Our favorite ones were "Romeo & Juliet" and" The Princess & the Frog!"  (My son's an artist, so he really appreciated it!)  Anyway, we'll definitely be keeping you updated on all of the FREE events they'll be having.

Here's the Puppet Theater that goes from ceiling to floor!

"Romeo & Juliet" 

"The Princess & the Frog" 

What new adventure did you have today?  
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