Thursday, February 9, 2012

"Time To" Thursday....get rid of the Coupon Chaos!!!

Do any of you couponers, like myself, have a pile of coupons that looks like this???

(oh & don't be jealous of my paisley blue blanket! Ha!
I am still on the lookout for "the perfect" bedding! Until then,
this little beauty serves it's purpose!)

I decided today, it was time to take care of my coupon chaos and get organized again!
This is an accumulation of inserts since October! Ahhhhh!!!
Four months of piling up, I would not recommend!
With the holidays and feeling "couponed out" I let this happen!
So today I faced it...head on!

Now, I would not call myself a
"coupon Queen" in any way!
I leave that up to "the pro's" like 
I am not someone who has shelves and shelves of deals I have found.
But it sure does feel good to save an average of
$30-$80 on a grocery trip
and even get items for FREE!!!

Before I let this chaos accumulate I would sit down on Sunday night after the ads came
and spend about a half hour cutting and organizing.
I have taken different ideas from a couple of sites and this is what works best for me!

I made papers that look like this...

each square matches a tab in my binder

(again...don't be jealous of that blue paisley blanket! Ha!)

Once I find a coupon I know that I will use before it expires,
I cut it out and place it on the paper square it correllates to.
After I have cut all the coupons I then start at the beginning of my binder.
I take the pile of coupons on the square that correllates with the tab
and insert the coupons into the dividers.
I have found by doing it this way then I'm not flipping back and forth through my binder
a million times after I cut each coupon.
Then I go to my favorite websites...look at the deals they have found
make a list of what I need to buy...
and I'm ready to go shopping and save some $$$!!
Yes...couponing is time consuming, especially at first!
But once you're organized and don't let 4 months of inserts pile up
then it's really not too bad!
And the $$ you save is totally worth it!

What coupon tips and organizing strategies do you use?!

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