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"Tradition" Tuesday... Top Ten Easter Traditions!

It's time for our....
Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings
"Top Ten!"

Since Easter is coming up this week, we decided it would be a great time to share a few of our favorite Easter Traditions.  Some of them you may already do in your family....others you may not.  We hope they'll get you into the Easter spirit!  

Okay....here we go!
  1. "THE BIG FAMILY DINNER ON EASTER SUNDAY"  Our family LOVES food!  Every holiday, birthday, etc. is always based around a great meal together.  Growing up, we all sat around the HUGE dining table....there were 9 of us.  Mom and Dad were BOTH great cooks...bonus!  There was always plenty of leftovers and any friends that didn't have a place to go for Easter Dinner, were always welcome at our table.  The main staple each year was a big HAM!  
  2. "EASTER EGG HUNT WITH ALL OF THE COUSINS"  Now that we're all "grown up" (that's a matter of opinion!) and have our own little ones, we love any excuse to get together and "play!"  Between all of us, we've added 14 new additions to the family over the years....with more on the way!  So, you can imagine it's a very LOUD, but FUN group!  We get HUNDREDS of plastic eggs and fill them with candy and prizes from the Dollar Store....the kids LOVE it!  There's also one or two "Golden Eggs" each year that have money in them!  I think this year we might even try the "Glow in the Dark" Easter Egg Hunt!
  3. "EASTER BASKETS"  In our family, nobody is too old for the Easter Bunny to bring them a Basket! Themed baskets are always fun.  For the teenagers, we add things like cologne, lip gloss, gift certificates, etc....anything they have an interest in.....and of course Easter Candy!  It just wouldn't be Easter without the Malted Milk Ball Easter Eggs (makes a great lipstick!) or Jelly Belly's!  
  4. "NEW EASTER OUTFITS"   We've never been ones to wear Easter Bonnets, but a new dress or shoes is always fun!  You can let the kids pick out their own things if they're at the age where they're REALLY picky....like mine.  Or, you can let the Easter Bunny surprise them with something....if they still think your taste in clothes is cool....or they're too young to care!
  5. "ACTIVITIES THAT REMIND KIDS OF THE REAL MEANING OF EASTER"  Even though we love having fun with all of the typical Easter traditions....bunnies, chicks, eggs, baskets....we always remember the real reason for this special holiday.  Jesus Christ came to earth, atoned for our sins and was resurrected.  Because of him, we can live forever as a family after we die.  That's a priceless gift that he gave....one that we're forever grateful for.  It has new meaning to us, especially since both of our parents have passed on.  Our Mom died when she was only 45 years old and our Dad died a little over a year ago.  They instilled in us a deep love of family....one that we continue to carry on.  Traditions help keep it together. Here's some fun things you can do with your kids to help them remember what Easter is really all about.... Resurrection Eggs,.... Resurrection Rolls,.... Mini Resurrection Garden,.... Jelly Bean Prayer.... and The Living Christ: A 30 Day Easter Countdown.
  6. "DYE EASTER EGGS"  This is one of our favorites!  We usually do it the Saturday before Easter.  They're great for Easter Egg Hunts, decorating around the house and of course, deviled eggs or egg salad sandwiches!  Growing up, we always bought the little tablets of dye that you add to vinegar in a cup.  We loved seeing how dark we could get them by leaving them in the dye a little longer! That was always fun, but now there's so many MORE creative things you can do....dying them in silk ties,.... putting chalkboard paint on them ....the possibilities are endless!
  7. "EASTER DECOR"  We LOVE decorating for the holidays and Easter is no exception.  A beautiful tablescape for Easter Dinner is a given, but it always makes the home a little more festive when you put decorations up earlier in the month.  Little bunnies and baskets placed here and there, bouquets of flowers, anything that says Spring is in the air works great!
  8. "EASTER CRAFTS"  It's fun to make a craft that can be added to the Easter decor that fills the house each year!  One of my favorites that my Mom did with us when we were kids was wrapping string around a balloon, covering it with starch and letting it dry.  Once it was dry, we got to pop the balloon....the best part!  Then we got to create an "Easter Scene" in our "Magical Easter Egg!"  She cut a round hole in the front of the egg and then we filled it with Easter grass, jellybeans, little bunnies, etc!  I wish we still had them....but that was MANY years ago....not telling how many!  But, at least we've still got the memory that will live on forever.
  9. "ATTEND CHURCH TOGETHER ON EASTER MORNING"  As kids get older and schedules get busier, we don't always make it to church each Sunday as a family.  But, Easter is one time of the year that we make it happen.  Sitting there together, hearing about the resurrection of Jesus Christ, reminds us once again how blessed we truly are.  Not only do we have one another, but we're a part of a much bigger plan....an eternal one....with a loving Heavenly Father that really does care about each one of us, individually.
  10. "WATCH THE ANNUAL EASTER CARTOON SPECIALS"   This was one of my FAVORITE Easter traditions growing up! I used to look through the TV schedule and find out when all of the Easter Specials were going to be on.  My favorite was "Here Comes Peter Cottontail!"  Find out when the shows will be on in your area and have a "Movie Night" with the kids!  Put them in their jammies, bring out the pillows and blankets, make some popcorn and break open a bag of their favorite Easter candy!

We hope you have a VERY Happy Easter this year!
What traditions will you be doing with your family?

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  1. I love Easter and Easter family traditions. Coloring eggs, baskets, egg hunts, I love it all!! Thanks for a great post! It was great to see you on voiceBoks. I've been a fan of your site for a while now, look forward to seeing you on voiceBoks as well!

  2. Thanks Kathy....we love voiceBoks too! Enjoy all of the Easter fun this week! :)

  3. Thanks for the tips. I want to do something on Easter, other than just go to the mall.

  4. So many fun things to do....just start small and add a little more each year. Hope you have a great Easter weekend! Thanks for stopping by, Pepper. :)

  5. We used to get a lot of Easter bunnies when we were younger. Did I mention that they were chocolate? Really loved them! And I would be disappointed when the bunny would be hallow inside. I expected them to be made of solid chocolate haha. Dropping by from voiceboks.

  6. That's funny, Anne! I used to think the same thing when I bit into one of those chocolate bunnies! :) Thanks for dropping by!

    1. It is funny now but I was so disappointed the first time I found out it was hallow! Haha, just so you know I absolutely love Chocolate.

  7. Right there with you on the chocolate....good stuff! :D