Monday, March 26, 2012

"Make a Craft" Monday...Easter!


With Easter less than 2 weeks away, we decided we'd better get going on the Easter projects!  To start with, we always like to have some kind of treat for each of the cousins.  This year, we'll be making these "Carrots" for them.  Very easy....just fill up a clear plastic icing bag with some orange gumballs or candy.  Tie a green ribbon around the top and place them in a basket filled with Easter grass.   You can even add some plastic eggs with treats inside of them too!

For Easter dinner, we prefer it to be a little more formal. We've always set up banquet tables in the family room, so that everyone can sit together. That's become a little more challenging now that the family is growing....there's almost 30 of us! This year, we may not be able to seat each person at the same table, but we CAN make sure that all of the tables have beautiful centerpieces and place settings. It's the small details that can really make a difference. We won't be breaking out the china and crystal...especially since we've discovered the disposable champagne glasses you can get at The Dollar Store!  But, we will have a theme that ties everything together. Something simple like filling a basket with tulips and placing small bowls of candy around it, will work perfectly for the main table.

For the kids table, we want to add a little bit of fun! Their centerpiece will be also be tulips, but the vase will have candy in it for them to devour AFTER dinner. To make it you'll need two smaller than the other. Put the smaller vase inside of the large one. Layer jelly beans in the space between the two. Arrange the Peeps on top of the jelly beans and then arrange your flowers. Easy, beautiful...and yummy too!

The kids table will also have little jars of candy around the centerpiece, as well as a flower or Peep on top to tie it all together. This picture kind of gives you an idea of what we're talking about, except we'll use orange and yellow jelly beans and tulips to match the centerpiece.

And of course to top off the party, we'll have a big Easter Egg Hunt!  Weather permitting it will be outside...but you never know in Utah.  It's been known to snow the first part of April many times!  That's indoor Easter Egg Hunts work great too.  If you want to try some new ideas for dying Easter Eggs....other than just dumping them in a cup of HERE for some fun ideas!
Source: via Jen & Kim on Pinterest

What are your plans for Easter?

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