Thursday, February 2, 2012

"Time To" Thursday... Get Ready for Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day has always been in the
 top three of my favorite holidays!
There is just something about feeling that
"love in the air" and the candy in the stores
around this time of year that is awesome!!!
There's a family memory
(unfortunately I was too young
to remember it, but wish I did,
or at least a picture!)
of my Dad dressed as Cupid -
a bow & arrow in hand,
good ol' tube socks up to his knees,
a white t-shirt
and some sort of diaper looking thing covering his bottom half! Ha!!
He came dancing down the stairs
on Valentine's Day
to humor his 7 children!
What a good sport!
Although I have no memory
of this particular event...
one thing I do remember is
how fun my parents made the holidays!
There was always some sort of tradition
or treats and balloons on the table!
I think that's why I love this holiday
so much! It's the memories!
So...of course now that I have
started a family of my own,
I want to carry on these traditions
and help my children
enjoy the holidays as well!
This year for Valentine's Day,
I decided to make a simple advent calendar!
(I apologize for the not so great pictures
but the lighting is not the best in my house...especially late at night!)

Here is the overall look of the calendar!     

 I made 14 envelopes...
this is a closeup of day 2

In each envelope, there is a treat
or a heart with an activity to do together!
Day 1 - we decorated the house!

Other activities include -

  • picking a game or art activity out of a bucket
  • making cupcakes
  • make heart shaped crayons
  • "heart attack" Daddy's side of the bed with paper hearts and write reasons why we love him
  • make Valentine's for friends and family members 
  • and on day 14 - Valentine's Day will be a Scavenger Hunt leading to a Valentine's Day Surprise!

The options and ideas are endless!!

Get creative, have fun
and most important, 
do these things with the ones you love!

What Valentine's Day traditions
do you have in your family?

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